Terms of Service
WHEREAS, “Stock” is a Discord bot that provides real-time stock quotes and services related to the stock market to users
WHEREAS, “MarketAspect” is the entity responsible for ownership and maintenance of Stock

MarketAspect reserves all rights to change the terms of service at any time. If you decide to keep using our services you are signifying that you agree to the new terms and conditions.
The last modification made to the Terms of Service was on May 16, 2021.

All services that MarketAspect provide are subject to change without notice.

Any service that we provide cannot be reused for profit and/or redistribution without explicit permission from MarketAspect. You may not use the data provided by Stock illegally. If you fail to comply with any of these terms your access to Stock may be subject to termination without prior notice.

Any content or service provided by MarketAspect may not be redistributed without explicit permission from MarketAspect. Certain content such as price alerts, custom portfolios, and custom stock nicknames are made available through supporting MarketAspect via Patreon.

By submitting feedback to MarketAspect you agree that you are not entitled to any incentive.

Marketaspect is not liable for any capital loss or misinformation caused by any of our services or products. Marketaspect does not guarantee the accuracy of the data provided by our services.
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